Symptoms of a Cluster Headache:

1.  Although it isn’t known precisely why cluster headaches happen, specific factors are known to increase the chance of developing this type of a headache.

2. For instance, having a family history of a cluster headache can put you in a higher risk. There is also a risk that a cluster headache is brought on by irregularities in the human body’s circadian rhythms.

What  are the of Causes Cluster Headaches?

1. The precise cause or triggers of cluster headaches are not known. Cluster headaches haven’t been linked to hormones or foods, as migraines have. Research has, however, turned up several hints regarding possible causes.

2. The propensity of cluster headaches to happen during the same time from daily, and more often during the night than during the daylight hours, indicates they may be brought on by irregularities in the human body’s circadian rhythms, which are controlled by the mind and a family of hormones which govern the sleep-wake cycle.

3. Additionally, despite not knowing the underlying reason, researchers do know both portions of the body are involved with cluster headaches, the trigeminal nerve, and the autonomic nervous system. The trigeminal nerve provides sensation to the face. When stimulated, it may cause pain around the eye. The autonomic nervous system controls several bodily functions, such as heart rate, digestion, and temperature of the body.

4. Stimulating the autonomic nervous system causes other cluster headache symptoms, such as eye tearing and nasal discharge. Cluster Headache Risk Factors – although a not certain cluster headache causes, there are certain elements that might increase an individual’s chance for developing this type of a headache. Specific cluster headache risk elements include the Family history of cluster headaches – Hazel eyes – Disorders of normal sleep patterns – Some drugs – As being a heavy smoker or drinker. Paradoxically, both nicotine and alcohol trigger cluster headaches.

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